Talons of Freedom

Rho makes for a handy base of operations for a remnant of the United States military called the Talons of Freedom. The Talons were responsible for some of the more devastating attacks on the budding Coalition, but was not present at the battle of Tellerus Fields.

After Tellerus Fields, it became clear that the only way to defeat the Coalition would be through insurrection. Since then, the Talons have been working to infiltrate the Houses, or barring that, sway disenfranchised citizens to their cause.

The Talons are one of the largest suppliers of black market goods in the galaxy, but their primary stock and trade lies in weapons and armaments. They need to outfit their ranks with the best military hardware they can get, and the Houses always have the best stuff.

The Talons recently launched an attack against House Tsarya’s interests involving Proch.

Talons of Freedom

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