House Kimura

Primary Influence: Chengdan
Secondary Influence: Olympus
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Transhuman

Market Discounts: Agents, Computers and Computer Software, Cybersleeve, Cybernetic Augmentations, Virtuality Software, Recon Warframes.

Kimura has their hands in just about every market. Even though its subsidiaries work to diversify the House, Kimura still diverts most of its resources to a few target markets. They remain to this day the premier manufacturer of all forms of computer equipment, software (including Agents), cybersleeves, cyber-augmentations, and civilian drones.

Anything pertaining to the Shadow War, as well as any other seedy job, is handled by Red Sun representatives through a shell subsidiary called Crimson & Sons. Regardless of the nature of the job, Kimura prefers to hire transhumans or those affiliated with Red Sun in some way—being both is even better. Most Purists are treated with suspicion and distrust, as Kimura fears they might be Cipriani spies.

House Kimura

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