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    h3. _*The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.*_ - Marcus Tullius Cicero Welcome to the playtest of the Nova Praxis story "Ghosts in Darkness."

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    !(media-item-align-right)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/257321/Nova-Praxis-1.jpg?1383562440(Nova-Praxis-1.jpg)! Various organisations and groups fight for control of the known universe in a hidden conflict known as the Shadow War. *+THE GREAT …

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    h4. INTRODUCTION Groups of mercenaries known as Auxiliaries fight the Shadow War between competing Coalition Houses for power within the known universe. * [[Ghosts in the Darkness Part 1 | Ghosts in Darkness Part 1]] * [[Ghosts in Darkness Part 2 | …

  • The Galaxy

    !(media-item-align-center){width:640px;height:325px;}//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/257323/nova_praxis_city.jpg?1383563158(nova_praxis_city.jpg)! A Mercenaries Guide to the Universe. * [[Earth]] * [[Luna]] * [[Proch]] * [[Opportunity Four]]

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