The Chickenhawk

Looks like a chicken, flies like a hawk


Size: 4
Cost: 16
Refresh: 3
Structural Stress: 5
System Stress: 6

Cargo Ship Repurposed for Smuggling
Acquired from a dead smuggler
“Nothing to see here, move along.”

Speciality Aspects:
Hidden smuggling compartments (Structure)
Military Grade Nacelles (Speed)
Hi-Resolution Spectrum Analyzer (Sensors)

Capabilities: Crew 0, Maneuverability 2, Structure 1, Sensor 2, Speed 2, Systems 2, Weapons 1

Features: Crew Quarters, Escape Vehicle, Jump Drive, Mesh System, Atmospheric Flight, VTOL, Cyber Warfare Suite, Cargo Hold, Mnemonics Lab and Resurrection Chamber, Auto Cannon, Workshop



The Chickenhawk

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