Modified Chillings Model 287 Simian

You are not going to like the shit it throws at you.


Alpha Drone
Cost: 4 [Restricted]
Sleeve Aspects: Synthetic Biology(P), Inhuman Appearance, Cybermonkey Drone, Tiny, Watch that Monkey Swing, Monkey Climb(P)
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 2, Perception 2
Other Skills: Melee 3, Demolitions 3, Strategy 2, Resolve 2
Augmentations: Fully Synthetic, Smuggler’s Compartment (In the Butt), Alternate Mobility System (Monkey Climb(P)), Performance Enhanced (+ 1 Perception), Tiny (Size -1)
Armour Rating: 3 (+1 on Athletics based defense tests)


  • Knife WR: 0 Range: 1 TH (Small)
  • Hvy Rail Pistol WR: +4 Range: 2 (Armour Penetrating, Small, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent)

Built as a high end toy for the children who have everything, some self proclaimed space pirates have repurposed this drone as an armed companion and ship’s mascot.

Lin has further modified this model thanks to her savant abilities.

Modified Chillings Model 287 Simian

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