Imex V44 Case Spider

Spider Case, Spider Case. Does whatever a Spider and a case does!


Beta Drone
Cost: 5 [Restricted]
Sleeve Aspects: Synthetic Biology(P), Inhuman Appearance, Cyberspider Drone, Quality Visual Sensors
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 1, Perception 3
Other Skills: Firearms 1, Melee 1, Resolve 2, Stealth 3, Strategy 2
Augmentations: Fully Synthetic, Custom Built (Suitcase Form, Stealth Enhancements), Alternate Mobility System (Wall-Crawling Spider Legs), Hidden Weapon System (Piercing Spike), Very Tiny Size (Size -2)
Armour Rating: 2 (+2 on Athletics based defense tests)


  • Hvy Rail Pistol WR: +4 Range: 2 (Armour Penetrating, Small, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent)
  • Piercing Spike WR: +2 (Small)

This relatively small drone folds up into what appears to be a small briefcase. When activated, it transforms into a spider-like drone designed for infiltration and surveillance.

When required to attack, it does so with either a small railgun that emerges from its back, or by latching onto a target and stabbing it with a piercing spike that ejects from its abdomen.

Imex V44 Case Spider

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