Apostate sympathizer and fixer


He appears to be a very young man, Bio-sleeved or Pure. He is Asian (or wears a biosleeve based off an Asian genetic template), appearing no more than twenty five years old, and has silver hair.

He wears a silver suit, a white tie, and no shoes.


Kestrel, who is a member of House Kimura (Crimson and Sons Subsidiary), is an apostate sympathizer and unofficial leader and spokesman for an underground collection of apostate scavengers. He is a mid-level Red Sun operative, and specializes in Shadow War operations (though even he doesn’t truly understand the depth of the conflict).

He can be found at his shop, a small hole-in-the-wall establishment in Asola. The ARID on the door identifies the place simply as “Serendipity: Consultations and Arbitrations”.

Kestrel was the fixer who set the group up with their job at the outpost circulating Opportunity Four.


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